All clients are required to agree to the terms and conditions of service as outlined in this document before the commencement of services. To learn more about leadership coaching and mentoring and what to expect see my blog.

Payment and Pricing: Prices published on this website do not include GST. Payment by direct transfer or Pay Pal is preferred. Payment is required in advance; package programs can be invoiced in instalments. Prices are current at the time of publishing and may change. All prices are in Australian dollars and apply to Australian residents only; for international enquiries please use the contact form provided for more information.


Delivery Mode: All coaching sessions are delivered by telephone/audio unless otherwise negotiated. Coach calls the client. In my experience, video conferencing is too impersonal and less effective, however, video conferencing may be an option by negotiation. For local clients where face-to-face coaching is desired, additional charges will apply to cover room hire costs and travel time.


Changes: Rescheduling and cancellations of appointments less than 24 hours before the session may not be possible. Under these circumstances, sessions will be non-refundable. Should the Coach determine, at their discretion, that the circumstances are exceptional, they may choose to reschedule that appointment. No-shows are non-refundable. Sessions are not transferable to a third party. 


Session Duration: Sessions are of one-hour duration. Depending on the issue being resolved, each session may continue for up to an hour and a half, should the coach determine that the additional time is necessary to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Clients should always schedule extra time in their calendars to allow for a session to run overtime. Time not used cannot be credited to future sessions.


Privacy: The Coach will store all contact details, email correspondence and attachments, and invoices as required for tax and legal purposes and to ensure quality service to the client. Coaching sessions are not recorded or stored in any form. The Coach recognises that any information the client shares is strictly confidential and will be treated with absolute confidence. The Coach agrees not to share, pass on, or publish any information about or provided by the client, without their express permission unless required to by law. It is the client's responsibility to ensure any information provided to the Coach does not breach any confidentiality agreements they may have entered into with their employer or a third-party. The Coach cannot guarantee the security of the hardware and software used to deliver these services and takes no responsibility for security breaches that result from the use of third-party technology. The Coach will take all reasonable steps to ensure their own records are secure, and all technology and security upgrades are up to date. The Coach encourages the use of secure technology to protect the client's privacy. The Coach expects all clients to research and understand the security limitations of their preferred communications media for the delivery of services.


Client Wellbeing: During the program, patterns, beliefs and behaviours may be identified that could cause the client to experience immediate and temporary discomfort or distress. This may occur under circumstances where the client is required to confront personal fears and challenges to achieve the change they desire. The client commits to being fully responsible and accountable for their physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing at all times during the course of the program. The client will inform the Coach before entering into this agreement if they are currently undergoing any psychological counselling, treatment, or taking medication to manage a mental health issue. Under these circumstances, the client agrees to seek and follow the advice from their treating physician before entering this agreement. The client understands that coaching is not an alternative to psychological therapy or counselling, and it is, therefore, not an appropriate course of treatment for those experiencing severe mental health issues.


Outcome: The client enters into the coaching agreement with the full understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results. The client understands that the value they receive is directly related to their level of participation and willingness to embrace change. The client understands that maximising the value of this program will require them to undertake some tasks in between coaching sessions.


Resources: The Coach may, from time to time, recommend the purchase of modestly priced resources, such as books and mp3's, not included in the package price to maximise client results. Such investments may be recommended under circumstances where intellectual property is licenced to a third party. The coach holds no affiliations and receives no commissions from these additional purchases and has no other vested interest in the products or companies it recommends.


Standard Business Hours:  Standard business hours are 10 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday Australian EST for all services offered under the client's selected package.


Additional Contact:  For those packages that offer unlimited email and additional phone support, the Coach will endeavour to respond to the client within 24 Hours Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. The Coach makes no guarantee of their immediate availability and will respond to the communication as soon as reasonably possible. 


Cancellation: The Coach may cancel this contract at any time if they determine that continuing the program is either not in the client's, or the coach's, best interest. Under these circumstances, the unused portion of the package will be refunded to the client in full. Should the client cancel the agreement, the cost of the next scheduled session is not refundable from the package where that cancellation occurs within 24-hours of the next scheduled session. An administration fee of 10% of the total package value will be charged to process client cancellations. The fee will be deducted from the refundable portion of the package.



I am over 18 years of age. I have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions of service.

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