I am a seasoned marketing professional with 25 years of experience in the corporate world, specifically working within the higher education sector and large organisations with complex cultures and networks.  In early 2011, I took on the role of Brand Advertising Director at the University of Melbourne’s central marketing department.


With responsibility for a new team of marketing professionals across functional areas, demotivated and fatigued from a long period of restructuring, I developed a keen interest in strategies to improve communications, motivation, and productivity in the workplace. My quest for innovative tools and strategy lead me initially to a 10-week certification course on leadership coaching through Case Western University in the United States (online). It was while studying here that I realised that my interest in mindset strategies and emotional intelligence was a passion that I wanted to share beyond my team. The strategies I had implemented as a result of my training were having a transformational impact on my performance, individual performance, and team dynamics, fuelling my enthusiasm for more.  In November 2014, I chose to turn that passion into a career and enrolled in a Master Practitioner in Coaching Training at the Coaching Institute in South Melbourne. I am an Associate Member of the International Coach Guild.


My speciality is providing leaders, managers, and team members with a compelling set of tools to manage stress and conflict in the workplace helping them to build resilience and confidence in themselves and their leadership along the way.


The areas outlined below are a guide to those areas where my professional experience allows me to provide specialist mentoring and insights.


  • Workplace resilience: strategies for surviving the modern workplace, tools to reduce anxiety and stress. How to build the mental muscle we need to thrive and survive at work.


  • Leadership: the tools of leadership, self-awareness, self-regulation, building strong and supportive relationships, building effective and productive teams, managing difficult conversations, negotiating and influencing skills.


  • The art of communication: how to build rapport, build trust, and coaching skills to effectively manage underperformance. Strategies for managing difficult relationships, conflict resolution, creating psychological safety in the workplace.


  •  Anxiety and stress management: building confidence and self-esteem, how to push past those fears which immobilise us so we can be the best we can be.

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