Packages and Pricing

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact me to ask about customised leadership coaching and mentoring programs.  Be sure to book your free, 30-minute, "discovery" call to discuss your needs. To learn more about coaching and what to expect see my blog.

Single Sessions

If your curious about coaching/mentoring but not sure if it’s for you, a single session is a good place to start. Bring your immediate leadership challenge to the table and you will walk away with greater insight and some useful tips to help you move forward.


Package: single, one-hour session plus follow up tools and resources if required. *Cost: $250

Six Session Turn Around

What causes you the most anxiety in the workplace? What is it that you’ve been avoiding that leaves you thinking to yourself “if I could just get around this one issue, everything would be different”?  Whatever the challenge, this program will create the shift you’ve been hoping for and give you a set of mindset tools that can be used time and time again in to build your resilience and increase your confidence.


Package: six, one- hour sessions (weekly or fortnightly). Follow up tools and resources as required.

*Cost: $1410 for six sessions (save 6%).*

Step up to Leadership: the First Three Months

This premium package is for ambitious professionals that are taking their first steps into a leadership or management role. Whether it’s a promotion, or you moving to a new organisation, the first three months are critical in establishing your credentials, building rapport and setting the foundations for a successful transition. Over 58% of managers globally received no management training at all; it’s no wonder that the excitement in having secured the role can quickly turn to dread when you feel like you’re walking around with an amateur sign on your forehead! This package provides a combination of mentoring and coaching for those who want to increase their confidence, earn the respect of their team and peers, and develop a leadership mindset.


Package: nine, one-hour sessions (weekly or fortnightly) with email access between sessions and plenty of tools, resources and advice to help you navigate the most critical period in your professional growth.

*Cost: $2025 (save 10% per session). 

Transformation: Inspired Leadership

Leadership skills are a rare commodity in the corporate world; many of us are left wondering if we have what it takes when the real problem is that we just don’t know how to do that yet.  Much of the anxiety, frustration, and stress we experience as leaders depends entirely upon the strength of our leadership skills and training.


Leadership workshops and group training do help, but they lack the vital context making it difficult for professionals to apply those learnings to their circumstances, and who amongst us wants to be sharing our challenges and vulnerabilities amongst a group of peers or strangers?


Customised coaching and mentoring can transform your working life in ways that you would never have imagined. Imagine what life would be like if you could be yourself and didn’t have to worry about what others think? Imagine that you have a high performing team that gives everything 100%, so you know you can deliver on those ambitious projects? Imagine you have the communication skills to get that all critical buy-in from your colleagues, peers and key stakeholders? This is the transformation package that will change the way you see yourself and others, improve your communication skills, build your confidence and eliminate the stress and anxiety that's keeping you stuck in patterns of behaviour that don’t serve you, your team, or the organisation well.


Package: 12, one-hour sessions (weekly or fortnightly), email access follow -up tools and access to additional resources as required. *Cost: $2550 (save 15% per session).

*Prices exclude GST. Prices are in Australian dollars. Packages are for residents of Australia only. International clients, please contact me to obtain an estimate. For terms and conditions see Terms.