"Her accuracy and dedication
to her craft have seen me grow into a confident leader...
I could not be the person
I am today without Eveline's coaching. I have grown
in all aspects of my life,
personal and professional."



"To be honest,
the learning experience
and return on
investment with Eveline
is never-ending.
I am beyond grateful
for what she has
taught me."


"Thank you so much
for your coaching.
I feel fantastic about

where I am both in
my work and my

professional career...
You can probably tell I'm
by the length of
this email!"



Difficult staff, managing tough conversations, and the stress caused by having to face what is left unsaid each day because we are not sure how to handle it is the most common cause of work-related stress for most managers.


If this is happening in your business or work environment, you're not alone. Like most people I coach you're probably miserable, struggling to drag yourself out of bed and into the office each morning, and unable to switch it off when you go home at night. Your losing sleep, your anxiety levels are rising, and you may be spending more time thinking about the problem than you are working. It's destroying your quality of life, it's holding back your career, and impacting your health and your relationships.


It doesn't have to be this way – you can turn this around; I watch people do so every day by exposing them to the tools that open up choice when they feel like they have their backs up against the wall.


I'm a qualified leadership coach with direct professional experience in successfully leading a large team. I'm having lots of success right now coaching leaders and individuals who in managing their staff and professional relationships are moving very quickly from a place of frustration and resentment to a place of empowerment through the skills they are learning, and they love it!

If you've had enough and your ready to create change in a 100% confidential environment where you have nothing to prove and nothing to defend contact me for a free discovery session.


Eveline Van't Foort

Wired for Growth

Melbourne • Australia


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